Bayfront Youth & Family Services - Residential Facility

The Bayfront Youth & Family Services´ Residential Facility has been in successful operation since company incorporation in 1999 with the following programs and components:


Bayfront Youth & Family Services has been and continues to be a model program for L.A. County and the State.

Bayfront Youth & Family Services´ Residential Facility is a 40 bed unlocked Group Home licensed under Community Care Licensing (CCL).

With the help of educated and experienced staff, this Facility meets the program requirements for a group home classified as Residential Care Level (RCL) 14 and is funded by the California Department of Social Services.

The Recreational Yard is a well maintained 17,420 sq. ft. outdoor space utilized daily by residents and has been equipped with a half-court basketball court. The substantial grassy area provides a perfect space utilized for special events such as the Annual Residential Carnival and various BBQ's held throughout the year.

The Recreational Yard is also utilized weekly for groups coordinated by the Rehab Department under the Bayfront Wellness Program that ensures all residents are receiving the appropriate amount of physical activity that is in conjunction with the health needs of each client.


Resident Rooms are spacious, attractive, and comfortable. The Facility is fully divided by gender featuring "Ladies" and "Gentlemen" Hallways. Each room houses up to 2 minors and provides each client with an opportunity to experience a home-like environment. Every client has personal access to their own wardrobe closet, desk, cork board, and laundry basket equipped in each room.

Resident Honor Rooms are rooms assigned to those clients that have maintained a good level of behavior per the Resident Handbook. There are 4 Honor Rooms in the Residential Facility, 2 on each side, that hold up to two 2 minors per room and features an adjoining bathroom and a mounted flat-screen television.

Resident Laundry Rooms are provided to give the opportunity and choice for those clients to learn how to clean and care for their own clothing. Although contracted laundry services are provided daily and on-site in the Residential Facility, the 2 designated Resident Laundry Rooms, 1 on each side, provide a useful tool for staff to teach independent living skills to those clients transitioning out into the community.

Resident Day Rooms help create a social and family-like environment that encourages healthy peer interactions. There are 2 day rooms in the Residential Facility that feature a selection of books and board games, as well as a full entertainment system that includes a stereo, mounted flat-screen TV, DVD player, and X-Box gaming system.

The Support Room is a therapeutic and calming space where clients meet with their Primary Therapists on a one-to-one basis and where family sessions may be held in person or through a teleconferencing enabled computer.

The Nurses Station is where documentation of daily resident activities are completed. A well trained staffing team of Youth and Rehab Counselors who support the milieu are available for counseling and consistent supervision of residents. Nursing staff consist of LVN´s and LPT´s, who are responsible for the administration of medications.

The Dining Room is where residents eat 3 meals a day, planned out by a certified consulting Dietician and individualized for each of our client's needs.

The Rehab Bungalow is the space where activities and learning opportunities are planned out in order to improve, maintain, or restore each client's functional, social and leisure, daily living skills. The room is equipped with exercise equipment, a flat-screen TV, a full array of craft and art materials, as well as computers donated through a grant received from the Ahmanson Foundation.

Bayfront Youth & Family Services' Corporate Offices and Wraparound Outpatient Program are located in a 2-story historic building in the beautiful Long Beach district of Bixby Knolls. This is here where the Residential Facility's executive and administrative support staff operate and where the Outpatient/Wraparound Team is based.

The Corporate Office Conference Room is utilized by both the Corporate Office and Wraparound/Outpatient Team for all operational needs.

This includes the holding of a monthly Parent Support Group held by a Parent Partner Advocate that helps both Wraparound and Residential parents' engage in parent advocacy, training, and education. Caregivers of all Bayfront clients may use this group to gain support with others in the community in the parenting of children with high emotional and behavioral needs.